Liat and Parkie

To practice living frugally means embracing a mindset by living on less, not with less.  Driven to maximizing value and spent on things that matter including the value of time.  Adopt a simple lifestyle without being a minimalist.  And take frugality to the extreme if necessary to get out of debt quickly.  The prudent way leads to a happy life.

Keep a constant lookout to stretch the dollars without living in miserly or being stingy.  Explore ways to reuse, recycle and repair before buying a replacement and care about climate change.  These are the principles I chose to live by.


Convenience has A Cost

Can you live with a one-car family instead of a two-car family?  Convenience comes at a high cost.  Can you have one smartphone with dual-SIM instead of carrying 2 phones with a single SIM?  Do we really need to have so many branded bags or watches?  I was once crazy over Ball watches that illuminate brightly in the night.  I have three Ball watches.  Crazy right?  Can you live with fewer?  Re-examine our spending behavior and adopt a mindset to live with less?  In this age of consumerism, the temptation is high to buy a newer car, fine dining, be a member of an exclusive club, wear trendy clothes.  Have the latest gadgets to fulfill our heart’s desire and be the envy among peers and friends.  This often leads to overspending and get ourselves into mounting credit card debts.  Is this the way to enjoy life and live to the fullest?  I doubt so.

Credit Card Debts

At one time, I was carrying some $40,000 of credit card debts.  The moment the pay cheque came in, the next moment it was gone forever.  At the same time, I was helping out a close relative who has gone bankrupt.  He helped to finance my education and treated me like a buddy.  It would be ungrateful to desert him when he needed my support at this crucial stage?  My wife was equally stressed as her saving was down to last few hundreds.  I have a mortgage on my house, a car loan and 2 young school going children.  Seems like I will never see the light again.  I have been in and out of all these situations.  Fortunately, I was able to climb out stronger and wiser.  It was no easy tasks, if not for the determination, support, and understanding from my dear wife and family members.

Law of Attraction

By the Law of Attraction, if we approach frugal living from a poverty mindset like sacrifice, kill-joy, no this and no that, cannot have this or that, being selfish and live like a church mouse, it will only set us up for failure.  Always stay focus and think positive. Make it fun and interesting.  Let wholesalers, retailers and bankers court our money with innovative products and better services to meet the need of consumers like us.

Informative and Fun Site

Thank you for visiting my site on a frugal lifestyle with a mindset by living with less, not on less.  This site is built with you in mind and hopes you find it useful.  I will be sharing ways, ideas, tactics, and tips on living frugally without being a cheapskate.  It’s my pleasure to have your comments and input with new ideas.  I strive to make this site informative and fun for all.  Lastly, it would be super wonderful if you can spread the news by getting family members and friends involved to explore ways, share, save to lead a happy life.

Mantra For Living Frugally

In closing, I would like to borrow a quote from Good To Great by Jim Collins.  Keep an eye on what not to do and what to stop doing to conserve energy.  Next, it is important to create the flywheel effect.  Change your habit gradually, day in and day out.  Built a daily routine or ritual.  Once you overcome the inertia and it will gains momentum, it will keep spinning.  Let this be the daily mantra to practice mindfulness by living frugally.

Your friend,
Liat LIM